Types of Subsidies

Types of Subsidies

One way that governments are able to impact the economic environment of a state or country is by using subsidies, which allow it to promote activities that it wants to increase, whether that be to make consumers act a certain way, or to promote certain sectors of the economy that are needed for the future. Read More

What Is The Best Credit Card For Me

To be clear, credit cards in the hands of an unwary and financially irresponsible person can be disastrous. But for people who are money conscious and disciplined, they can be a tool to earn excellent rewards. Furthermore, having a credit card and paying it off is a great way to build credit. Here are some Read More

Cons of a Progressive Tax Code

Our last article took a look at the positive benefits of the progressive tax structure that we have in the United States, and that is utilized by a majority of industrialized countries in the world. However, there are several inherent downsides to the progressive tax code that have made many people more in favor of Read More

Pros of a Progressive Tax Code

A progressive tax structure, which is adopted by a majority of advanced industrial nations, means that there are different brackets of income that are taxed differently. Specifically, higher ranges of income are taxed at a higher rate than lower ranges of income. In theory, this means that wealthier families and  individuals pay a higher tax Read More

What Are The BestBusiness Tax Deductions in Utah

Utah is an excellent place to start a business, as far as the climate created by the state government is concerned. There are plenty of useful deductions that business owners are able to take advantage of, too many even to mention in a single blog post. Here are some common business tax deductions in Utah…