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See Ken Klingler answer Matt Gephardt's tax questions!

Watch as Ken Klingler helps Matt Gephardt answer some interesting tax questions in the weekly segment “Good Questions” for KUTV2 news.

Your Utah CPA Offering Small Business Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax & Accounting Service

Here at Klingler & Associates we offer small & medium business, tax accounting & payroll services for businesses and organizations located in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can get all of your accounting needs from one local source. 

Our suite of CPA services are:

Tax Preparation CPA Utah


and Planning for Business

Payroll Experts Company Utah


Processing and Benefit Coordination

Bookkeeping Services Company Salt Lake City


and Financial Statement Compilation

Business Entity Consulting Accountant Utah


and Formation

Quickbooks Expert Company Utah


By Licensed QuickBooks Advisors

Income Tax Preparation CPA Utah


Individuals and Families

See Ken Klingler Help Matt Gephardt in
“Get Gephardt: Tax deductions people might miss.”

Watch as Ken Klingler explains to Matt Gephardt what can be used as a tax write-off and what can’t in this KUTV News Get Gephardt Segment titled, “Get Gephardt: Tax deductions people might miss”. Some of the common tax deductions people typically miss are charitable contributions, time and cost to find a new job and specialty work apparel. Klingler says even with these there are exceptions and hiring a professional tax advisor who spends weeks in continuing education every year is well worth the expense.

Paying too much in taxes really hinders your financial growth and can put you at a disadvantage to your competition. If you feel you have been paying more than your fair share of taxes, call our office to schedule a free initial consultation to have your situation professionally evaluated by an experienced Utah Certified Public Accountant or Enrolled Agent at

As income tax specialists, we can help with your income tax preparation for:

  • Individuals (All States)
  • S-Corporation’s
  • C-Corporation’s
  • LLC’s
  • Trust’s
  • Non-Profit’s
Klingler & Associates Tax Professionals In Utah

The Klingler & Associates Team and Mission

Our licensed staff of friendly, knowledgeable and experienced tax professionals will make the process as pain-free as possible. We pride ourselves on doing the job right and making sure you legally pay the least amount of tax for your situation by taking advantage of all the tax credits and deductions available to you. We also take a proactive approach to finding ways to structure your situation to minimize your future tax burden. When we prepare your return, we provide free audit support by our experienced staff of local Utah CPA’s and EA’s.

A word about tax audits

If your return is selected for examination we will be by your side to get you the best possible outcome–at no additional cost. For new clients, we will review your last two years tax returns for free to determine if you left any money on the table. In many cases, we can amend those returns and get you a refund. We also take a proactive approach to minimizing your tax burden in future years.

Why Choose Klingler & Associates?

Using a licensed accounting professional will almost certainly provide a much better result than doing it yourself. In addition to the stringent licensing process, our full-time, year-round staff of Utah Certified Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents are required to undergo continuing education every year as a requirement of keeping their licenses. To ensure we are always on top of the constantly changing tax law, our firm actually requires our staff to complete more continuing education than the minimum licensing requirements. Our fees are surprisingly reasonable.

When Larry N. Klingler founded our Salt Lake City, Utah based company back in 1976 he had the slogan “CPA Quality services at Bookkeeper rates.” We are certified public accountants, enrolled agents and professional bookkeepers dedicated to providing the best services at comparatively lower fees than other Utah CPA firms. You will love how easy it is to work with our Utah CPA firm and how comfortable you will feel that you are getting accurate information and not over-paying your taxes.

CPA Utah Klingler & Associates Building Sandy, Utah
Address: 8941 S. 700 EAST #104 SANDY, UT 84070
Phone: 801-676-0945
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Client’s Testimonials

“I am involved in several companies and have used Klingler & Associates to file my tax returns for over 20 years. They always do an excellent job and I can count on them to keep track of all the new and expired tax laws to get me my greatest return for my tax situation.” – John Taylor
“We have been doing business with Klingler & Associates for over 15 years. They are easy to work with, knowledgeable and always available for any questions we have. We strongly recommend their services.” – Bianca Keating
“I am a former CPA turned realtor. Klingler & Associates has been a pleasure to work with. I can make good money by focusing on my real estate business and leaving the accounting concerns to them. They treat me fair, prepare my work on time, and do accurate work.” – Steven R. Duke

Utah Tax Information Blog

As a trusted CPA firm in Utah, we know that the key to our success is staying current with the latest tax laws. We frequently write blog articles that explain new changes in the tax code and other business, tax, accounting or payroll-related topics relevant to most Utah businesses.

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