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“I am involved in several companies and have used Klingler & Associates to file my tax returns for over 20 years. They always do an excellent job and I can count on them to keep track of all the new and expired tax laws to get me my greatest return for my tax situation.”

John Taylor

“Klingler & Associates has done an excellent job for me for more than 20 years. I have a good business background, but it makes more sense for me to concentrate my time on my business, making it grow, than to spend time on accounting when for a monthly fee I can have a professional do it. I don’t have to worry about payroll, payroll taxes, or any taxes for that matter, because they keep me up to date and on track with all my business tax returns. They also prepare my monthly financial statements and it’s great to know where I am each month, so I can focus on the growth of my company.”

Steve Brings: President, Wave Products, Inc.

“We have been doing business with Klingler & Associates for over 15 years. They are easy to work with, knowledgeable and always available for any questions we have. We strongly recommend their services.”

Bianca Keating, RBH Sound, Inc.

“I strongly recommend Klingler & Associates for any businesses, especially new, that want to succeed in their venture. I started my business twelve years ago with their help from day one, and it has been one of the most time-and-money-efficient experiences I have ever encountered. My monthly statements are produced right on time with precision. Whenever I have accounting or tax questions, I can conveniently pick up a phone and call. These questions are answered quickly without any hesitation or extra charges from the firm.”

Rachot Vacharothone, MD: President, After Hours Medical Company

“I first started with Klingler and Associates in 2009 when I moved my new small business from Los Angeles to Sandy. Right away, Ken changed my business entity to an S-Corp and saved me thousands in taxes. A month later I learned that I was being audited for my first two years in business back in California. Not only did Ken accompany me through my audit for a nominal fee, but he had more knowledge than the agent conducting the audit and the tax attorney that I decided not to use after the first meeting. I have now been using Klingler and Associates for over three years and I feel that they save me the money that I use to pay their fees. I then enjoy the added benefit of knowing I have REAL professionals looking after my best interest and that gives me peace of mind.”

Thal Dixon: President, Dixon Security Cameras

“Klingler & Associates has been a trusted partner to my small business for 15 years. From my perspective, accounting firms today need to cater to all kinds of businesses, especially small businesses. They have tried and true practices to ensure my attention on important financial matters which I greatly appreciate. They enjoy what they do and it shows. I have personally and professionally benefitted from their expertise.”

Melissa Clyne: President, Scribe, Inc.

“I am a former CPA turned realtor. Klingler & Associates has been a pleasure to work with. I can make good money by focusing on my real estate business and leaving the accounting concerns to them. They treat me fair, prepare my work on time, and do accurate work.”

Steven R. Duke: President, Steven R. Duke & Associates, Inc.