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If one were to conduct a scientific study to determine what the worst part of the year is, there is a strong chance that tax season would be the prevailing victor (or loser, more fittingly). There’s something in the air during tax season that stresses people out, and makes them linger on facts that make them want to pull their hair out. Luckily for everyone else, the team at Klingler and Associates loves tax season! Freaky, right? Here are some of the ways that Klingler and Associates can turn tax into a leisurely breeze.

How a CPA helps with taxes

Nowadays, there are many online programs that seemingly simplify the tax process. After all, simply plugging in your data into a computer and washing your hands of the ordeal sounds like the easiest course of action. However, there can be a much higher price to doing that than you think. Having a personal tax specialist look over your taxes does much more than simply help you file. A good CPA is a financial strategist that helps you find the best tactics to get you the most on your taxes. Not only does a CPA help you file your taxes, but they also help you develop strategies to enact over the next year so that you get progressively higher returns on your taxes.

Difference between a CPA and an ordinary accountant

Many plain Jane accountants offer the same services as a CPA. However, the discount version is never as good as the deluxe. When you hire a CPA (certified public accountant) you are hiring the best of the best of the best. CPAs must undergo rigorous testing and licensing requirements to prove that they are qualified for their title. This means that any accountant with the title of CPA has been recognized as a master of their craft, and is fully capable of guaranteeing efficiency on your taxes and returns.

CPA’s maintain a relationship

Finding a good CPA is a weapon in your back pocket that you’ll want to hold onto. CPAs can be best utilized if you maintain a relationship that is defined by transparency and trust. Over time, a CPA will become more accustomed to your situation, which will allow them to make the most educated decisions on how to manage your tax strategies.

Let Klingler and Associates be your financial advocates

At Klingler and Associates we maintain a staff of expertly-trained CPAs that are strictly licensed and prepared to deal with your tax situation. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience that has been accrued over full careers of successfully getting clients the most from their taxes, so that they don’t have to worry about it. Let us help you with all your Utah tax needs. Call today!