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Personal Wealth Management Services

Even if you don’t consider yourself significantly affluent, wealth management can help you stay on top of and enhance your financial situation. A skilled and professional wealth manager will consult with you to determine your particular financial situation and will offer guidance as to which financial options best suit you and your finances. You’ll receive investment advice, guidance on retirement planning, and guidance on legal and estate planning.

“At Klingler, we work with Certified Financial Planners and State Attorneys to develop an overall wealth management plan that works for you and your situation.”

The difference between wealth management and investment management?

A lot of people wonder what the difference is between a wealth management specialist and a traditional investment advisor who manages portfolios. While a general investment specialist can help you make educated decisions about managing stocks and various financial accounts, there is another level of financial planning that can is accessed in wealth management services.

In terms of personal wealth management, these services often include:


Personalized to you

The nice thing about personal wealth management is that it is a form of financial advisement that adjusts to your particular lifestyle. Your own personal life goals are measured heavily in wealth management strategies. This provides a financial service that works in conjunction with your own life situation, and the things that you want your wealth to be associated with. One phrase that has been used by United Capital is “financial life management,” which we find to be a fitting way to describe personal wealth management.

Who needs wealth management?

Personal wealth management isn’t for everyone. However, individuals with a substantial amount of capital know that there is a substantial amount of life complications that come with large sums of money. Wealth management services help these people order their wealth in a way that is efficient and fitting for their particular lifestyle, and should be used to maintain and raise more capital so that you can accomplish specific life goals for yourself and your family.

Why go with a Certified Public Accountant for your wealth management needs?

The CPA industry itself has a high reputation for quality service and professionalism. When you consult with a CPA for wealth management, you can be sure that you’re working with someone who must regularly meet high industry standards and who has extensive knowledge of finance.

Here at Klingler, we additionally work with Certified Financial Planners and State Attorneys to develop a plan that works for you and your situation.