Retirement Planning

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Retirement Planning

At the end of the day, one of the primary purposes of wealth management is organizing your portfolio so that one day you can stop spending most of your waking days trying to earn more capital, and can instead spend more time enjoying that capital you’ve amassed. In layman’s terms, this is called retirement. Any wealth manager worth their weight in gold is going to make retirement planning an integral part of their wealth management plan. When getting into wealth management, meet with your potential manager to discuss the goals that you have for yourself when you retire, and how you want to live out the rest of your life.

“The basic essence of what makes up wealth management is determining what money goes where.”

What Retirement Planning Covers

Organizing Wealth in Your Earning Years

The basic essence of what makes up wealth management is determining what money goes where. Everything else is part of the technicalities that make growth possible. When it comes to retirement, a capable wealth manager will help you set goals with your savings and earning potential, and will help you set up a self-sustaining portfolio that will help you reach your retirement goals, faster.

Avoiding Unforeseen Risks

After the Great Recession of 2008, many people are anxious about their retirement, and are nervous about leaving capital tied up in investment portfolios and household equity. Although there is no way to predict all of the things that life will throw at you, part of a wealth manager’s job is to analyze the risks to your retirement, and take preliminary steps to protect it against potential harm.

Making Retirement Funds Grow

The concept of retirement isn’t to save up a retirement fund and then drain it over your remaining years. This is a stressful way to go about retirement, and is, ironically, based on the idea that your retirement fund is better off if you don’t live longer. This is a preposterous way to live life! A retirement fund should be able to generate enough wealth off of equity and investments that it sustains your lifestyle goals, while also growing to beat the rate of inflation and the cost-of-living. A wealth manager can help you make these goals a reality.