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Debt Structuring

A tiny wooden house full of pennies.In wealth management, when the sums of revenue are generally a lot larger, so too are the sums of accumulated debt. A major part of wealth management is setting up a system that manages financial concerns for a client’s wealth portfolio. Of these concerns, debt is perhaps the most important. The process of debt structuring is done to prevent debt from becoming a major obstacle to the further generation of wealth, or causing lifestyle problems. This is done by rearranging debt and negotiating with creditors to find the best plan to manage your debt.

What Debt Structuring Covers

Manageable debt

Although wealth managers can restructure existing debt to be more manageable, the first line of defense is setting up the revenue of a wealth portfolio so that you are making wise spending decisions. A good wealth manager can help you navigate investment opportunities and set up safeguards that help prevent you from getting into horrible debt, in the first place. Generating debt that is manageable is often a necessary step in generating more wealth, but a good wealth manager is meant to stop it from getting out of control.

Protects wealth

The most important goal that wealth management is supposed to accomplish is the protection of a client’s existing wealth. If debt levels become too unmanageable, this poses an imminent existential threat to a wealth portfolio. In times like these, it becomes highly necessary to restructure debt obligations to something that is more sustainable.

Renegotiate old debt

The basic premise behind debt restructuring is that an entity (whether it be a business or an individual) is able to adapt the terms and conditions of their current debt agreement to something more favorable. A proper wealth manager is able to compromise with creditors to accomplish better conditions, such as a lower interest rate. At times, on older debt, a wealth manager might even be able to negotiate a lower payback, if the entity is able to pay back in one large sum.