Vacations can be quite expensive, and the average cost of a vacation abroad for a family of four is $4,700.  If you’d like to cut costs while having fun, use the five tips below.  

Buy Local Deals

Check deal sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial for the area you will be visiting to see if there are any deals available during your stay.  You can learn about fun things to do in the area and save money while doing so.  Also visit the official website of the places you will be visiting, as they sometimes have deals for buying online tickets or if you visit certain days of the week.  

Visit a Grocery Store

Besides airfare and hotel accommodations, food is the most expensive part of a vacation.  Instead of eating out every night, try to make your own meals.  If you have a small fridge in your hotel, you can put sandwich fixings and a small jug of milk for breakfast.  Pick up snacks too so that you can keep them in your pocket to prevent you from grabbing expensive snacks when you’re visiting tourist traps.  

Take Photos Instead of Souvenirs

Most souvenirs end up on a shelf collecting dust, so skip the souvenirs and take photographs instead.  If you do like to have something to remember your trip, pick something small and inexpensive, and only allow yourself to take home one thing.  Give yourself a souvenir budget and stick to it.  Also, your friends and family don’t need a little trinket to let them know you thought of them while you were on your vacation, so skip those as well (unless you have that one neighbor who is looking after your dog and expects a gift in return).

Stay Outside of the City

Accommodations inside major cities can cost hundreds of dollars a night.  If you are looking to save a few dollars, find a hotel just outside of the city.  You may have to drive or walk a little further every morning, but the savings will be worth it.  Also check sites such as Airbnb for nonconventional accommodations at amazing prices.  

Ask For a Better Price

When booking hotel accommodations, rental cars, tours, etc. see if you can negotiate a better price, as you might get a lower price or a free upgrade just for asking.  As long as you are polite, there is no harm in asking.  Just remember that some things (such as things within stores or restaurants) have non-negotiable prices and you probably shouldn’t ask for a discount.