Hiring a CPA or a certified public account in Salt Lake City is not totally impossible with many accounting firms present in the market today. However, hiring a trustworthy accountant to handle your business bookkeeping needs is a whole other story. Since it is your hard earned money that shall be used to pay a big or small business accountant, you must first ask pertinent questions to gauge if this accounting and tax professional is the right one for you.

How Much Are Your Fees?

People generally don’t like discussing money, but this is the first question you have to ask because you need to know if this small business accountant is one that you can afford. Ask if they charge an hourly rate or a monthly retainer rate. Finding out the answers upfront will keep you from being surprised when the billing comes.

Which Services Are You Willing To Provide?

Accounting firms do more than just business bookkeeping. They perform other tasks from processing taxes, handling payroll, doing company audits, and the like. Find out which among these services will your hired CPA be doing on your behalf. Having a clear cut set of responsibilities and expectations make things easier down the line.

Will You Represent Me Against the IRS?

You have to verify if this accountant has the qualifications to represent you in case you get audited by the tax bureau. Getting a notice from the IRS is a huge pain and hassle, so you need someone who is professionally qualified in your team. Find out how many tax audits this accountant has participated in. Of course, you wish never to be audited, but in case it happens, having someone on standby to back you up is crucial.

Are You Experienced In My Line Of Business?

It is better to have someone with experience handling your business accounting essentials. Remember that accountants have sub-specialties, too, and some are more adept with a specific industry. Find out if the CPA you chose has already handled or is handling your kind of business.

Can You Be My Representation In All The States Where I Have A Business Entity?

Your business might be operating in several states, so it would be prudent to ask your chosen CPA in Salt Lake City if they have the capacity to represent you in other places. There are reciprocity agreements between many states, and it is important that you check out these details, so you can save yourself the hassle of hiring two accountants from different states.

What Forms Of Communication Is Your Preferred Method?

Find out if the CPA uses email only, or will he be amenable to take your direct calls. There are some days wherein your company may need him for a teleconference, so asking if the CPA is open to that is necessary. Keep in mind that some old school accountants prefer the good old paper because they do not trust the security of the internet with your all important company figures.

How Often Will We Meet?

Tax consultation is often necessary. Having questions on bookkeeping details are also normal concerns. Ask the CPA how regularly they will meet with your company; and find out if they are able to meet with you immediately should there be an emergency that needs their attention.

These are the questions you should ask to gauge the tax philosophy of your prospective accountant. You can glean his philosophy and personality in the way he answers your questions. On top of that, take note of the nonverbal cues. Does he seem confident and sincere? The most important consideration is to feel comfortable with this person because he shall be handling your sensitive business matters. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to keep on asking questions because this is the surefire way for you to get to know your CPA.