If you’re on a tight budget this summer, here are some easy ways to save a few bucks without missing out on the summer fun.  

Get Discount Codes

Before you go anywhere, check online to see if you can find a coupon.  Normally you can get 5-10% off, or a BOGO deal.  

Unplug Appliances

Household appliances draw a small amount of energy known as “phantom energy.”  You can save a few dollars on your electric bill if you unplug anything that you don’t use.  

Turn Up the Thermostat and Spend Time Downstairs

The basement will naturally be cooler than the rest of your home, so don’t be afraid to turn the thermostat up a few degrees and spend more time in the basement.  Close any vents that lead to rooms that you don’t use, and replace your air filters.  Also remember to turn off the AC whenever you leave the house.

Close the Curtains

Close your blinds and curtains on the western part of your home so that you limit the sunshine that comes into your home.  You can decrease the heat in your home from the sun by up to 77%.  

Use Fans

Use fans to help you cool down this summer instead of cranking the AC.  

Cook Outside

Try to use your oven as little as possible, and opt for cooking outside instead.  

Find Free Summer Fun

Every city has a list of music performances and festivals.  Find out when the movie in the park and music festivals are and go to some free events.  Often, museums and art exhibits will have free family days.  Put those days on your calendar and take advantage of it.  

Drive Less

Gas is the most expensive during the summer months, so take a bike or walk whenever possible.  

Hang Clothes to Dry

Whenever possible, don’t use the dryer to dry your clothes, instead, hang them out in the sun to dry.  If you can’t, turn down the heat on your dryer to save energy.  

Find Splash Pads

There are many free splash pads in the park that you can visit with your family to cool down that won’t cost you a penny.  It may be a wise idea to keep a bag of swimsuits and towels in your car in case you find something when you’re out and about.  

Freeze Your Gym Membership

During the summer, you won’t need to go to the gym to exercise, you can go for a walk or run in the park, local trails, or other recreational areas.