Developing a tax strategy is one of the most challenging aspects of being a business owner. The vast majority of business owners despise filing taxes each year. One of the most significant benefits of living in Utah is that there is no state income tax. However, business owners should still optimize their taxes to reduce federal income tax obligations.

Start Early

The best tip for anyone who wants to save money on taxes is to start the process early. Some people wait until April to start working on their taxes. Waiting until the last opportunity is the wrong approach for various reasons.

Small business owners should file estimated taxes with the IRS each quarter. These estimated taxes are an excellent way for business owners to reduce their federal income tax obligations when taxes are filed. People who do not make estimated tax payments may be subject to fines. The estimated tax payments do not have to be exact, but the payments should generally reflect the tax obligations of business owners.

Hire A Professional

Small business taxes are more complicated than most people think. Some business owners want to save money by doing their taxes without professional help. However, paying for professional tax advice should be viewed as an investment. A quality accounting professional will easily make the investment worth it. Finding just one extra deduction or mistake can make paying for tax advice worth the cost.

With all of the 2019 tax changes, it is vital to hire a professional. Business owners should interview several local tax advisors before making a final decision. A CPA is one of the most critical hiring decisions a business owner can make.

Increasing Deductions

With the 2019 tax changes, there are new deductions that business owners can take advantage of. Not only that, but the tax rates for most businesses are lower than the previous year. Some people may receive a larger tax refund than initially expected.

With the booming economy in Salt Lake City, it is an excellent time to invest in the growth of a company. Higher deductions result in lower tax obligations for business owners.

Although hiring a Utah CPA may seem expensive, it is an excellent decision for any business owner. There are numerous tax professionals to choose from in Salt Lake City. It is a good idea to hire a CPA with years of experience helping small business owners. Small business taxes have changed recently, and a quality CPA can explain all of the changes.