Individuals required to pay Utah state tax must keep several things in mind. It is a state with a flat tax rate easy to calculate. Many types of deductions and tax credits are available to those who qualify. Proper tax preparation requires knowing about Utah tax laws.

When Filing a Utah State Tax Return Is Necessary

  • A tax accountant in Sandy can provide advice about the criteria for filing a Utah state tax return. There are certain situations where it is required.
  • A person wants a refund on income tax they overpaid
  • They are required to file a federal income tax return and lived in the state of Utah for part of the year or longer.
  • A person is a non-resident of the state but earned income from Utah sources.
  • A person could be exempt from paying state income tax if their federal gross income is less than a certain amount. It is important people learn if they qualify for this exemption. Filing a Utah state income tax return will require a person to provide data from their federal return.

Filing Utah State Taxes

The quickest and easiest way to file a Utah state tax return is electronically. TAP (Taxpayer’s Access Point) is a website hosted by the State Tax Commission. It is where a person can file their return online and make any necessary payments.

Filing And Payment Deadline

A person’s federal return is due on the same day as their Utah tax return and that is April 15. Should this deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be extended to the next business day. To avoid any problems it may be best to get some tax help.

Filing Status

The filing status on a person’s Utah state tax return must be the same as the filing status on their federal income tax return. This could be single, married filing jointly, head of household, married filing separately as well as qualifying widow or widower with dependent child.

Utah Income Tax Rate

A person who wants to figure out their Utah state tax does not have to deal with rates or confusing tax brackets. Utah has a flat rate of income tax of 4.95 percent.

Exemptions: There are various exemptions a person can claim on their Utah state income tax return. Getting professional tax help can make certain an individual takes every exemption possible.

Personal Exemptions – Utah permits exemptions at the state level of $565 per dependent if someone can claim a dependent on their federal return.

Standard Deductions – A person can take standard deductions or itemize their Utah state taxes. They simply must use the same method of deduction for their federal tax return.

Itemized Deductions – If someone has itemized on their federal tax return, this amount is also the total for their Utah itemized deductions.

Expecting Utah Tax Return

Anyone expecting a tax return can also visit the TAP website, which will list the status of their tax refund. Most people are responsible and want to pay their Utah state taxes. Anyone who is not confident in their ability with tax preparation should contact a tax accountant. It is always a good idea to contact them early to avoid any problems with filing tax returns on time