Payroll services are something every business should try to have in place. Businesses often choose to hire individuals that only specialize in payroll. By hiring an accountant, specifically a small business CPA, however, there are many more benefits and offerings that can be given to your business. Continue reading below to learn more.

Why Hire a Small Business CPA Instead of a Payroll Company?

An accountant has the ability to understand tax proceedings and payroll. Payroll employees are only trained on submitting actual payroll documentation. Though this is great, accountants can help your business in understanding tax breaks and benefits your business could receive.

A CPA firm will assist your business in finding tax benefits that you may have been missing out on previously. They also will relate these tax benefits back to the payroll services they offer as well. Our Utah CPAs are trained in creating paychecks and direct deposits and in filing monthly taxes and tax reports every quarter.

You may believe that these services will be significantly more expensive than simply hiring payroll service providers. This is not true, however, as these services are surprisingly affordable. We will work with you to provide an estimate before there is any commitment as well.

The payroll checks we provide have all calculations present. They are able to be printed quickly for signatures as well. The direct deposits allow for employees to still receive pay stubs as well. Both of these options have immense benefits.

What Payroll Services Do You Get With A Small Business CPA?

The first set of services that is provided concerns payroll. Worksheets are provided to report employee wages and deductions required for certain paychecks. These items will be listed on a detailed pay period worksheet. There are also payroll journals available with recordings of all paychecks paid on a certain date.

Payroll tax deposits are also reminders provided to your business that show how much tax was deposited per paycheck. These payroll items are made to make keeping track of numbers significantly easier for you and your business. We are also able to handle the relationships between benefits and payroll as well.

Our Utah CPAs are experts in creating pension and retirement plans. Plans include 401Ks, IRAs and defined benefit plans. Each are built specifically with your employees in mind.

We can also assist with health insurance. We will help you in building an effective relationship with your current health insurance provider. We can also help you in finding the best health provider to fit your needs in affordability and great customer service.

Additional Benefits With A CPA

As we said, CPAs also have the ability to assist in tax services. First, these professionals can provided weekly and monthly 941 EFTPS. They can also prepare quarterly tax returns including information on unemployment, tax returns, audits, electronic reports, mid-year reviews and end of the year W-2s for employees.

Hiring a CPA for your small business can provide significant benefits to you. CPAs can relieve significant stress regarding tax preparations, tax filings and tax documentations. They can also handle the payroll and benefit side of things, so you get the best of both worlds. Contact Klinger CPA today to find the perfect CPA for your business.