Bookkeeping is one of the most important inventions of the modern age. In some ways it defined the modern age, for it was the introduction of place-holder arithmetic that allowed the European serfs to start becoming merchants, peddlers and small business owners in the first place.

Bookkeeping and Your Business

That required the concept of “zero” and we still refer to it regularly, when we “balance” our accounts, or “zero out” the books. Double-entry bookkeeping was absolutely necessary for the success of the industrial revolution, for coordinating our complex division of labor, both physical and symbolic.

Of course the obvious reason to keep track of our books is to keep track of our money so we don’t lose it. We want to keep as much as possible, but this is just the beginning. We want to avoid losing it, especially for no good reasons, but we also want to track who gets it, and when, so we can best decide where it should be going. A business accountant in South Jordan can help with this.

How A Business CPA Can Help

The assistance of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) means not only doing our taxes quickly, legally, and with less hassle. That is why small business CPAs in South Jordan are here. It also means following the standard practices of a business accountant in Utah to keep us out of trouble with our customers and creditors. They also know the best practices to get the most advantages, which is really the best reason over the long term.

CPAs stay current on both tax policy and standard practices because they are agents for their customers; they take on the liability to make sure that things are done right, so that you can trust them with your accounts and when reporting to government agencies, creditors, customers and partners. They have specialized tools that make tax preparation easier at the end of the year, and they also have detailed knowledge that makes the record-keeping during the year far easier.

The best ones have the heart of a teacher, to help you learn better how to emulate their skills. Look for this when looking for a South Jordan CPA.This includes anticipating issues that can avoid penalties or interest for mistakes or forgotten payments. Most utilities, insurers and vendor accounts include late payments which proper bookkeeping can anticipate and avoid. Nobody ever wants to make unnecessary payments.

Long Term Safety and Reliability

Perhaps the best reason to have a professional business accountant helping you with your books is to make sure your long term planning is effective. By paying attention to the details of your finances, you can recognize problems when they are still inexpensive to repair, or identify opportunities before they are missed, while they can still bring the maximum benefits. Especially with larger accounts, proper compartmentalization of finances can be used to quickly identify problem areas in your business, or which aspects are most profitable and should be given more resources. In today’s competitive environment, small issues can be what makes or breaks your long term success, and a Utah CPA is a powerful authority to include on your team for that reason alone.