More often than not, the first year that you have to take care of the taxes for a trust, the new responsibility came unexpectedly. Whether this is your first year as a trustee or not, the tax process can still be stressful and confusing. The office of Klingler CPA are here to not only help you prepare your taxes as a trustee, but they also are here to help you understand how the tax laws apply to you and your situation, so you understand what is happening and why, throughout the entire process.

Unique expertise

It can be hard to find an affordable firm that is experienced and knowledge when it comes to trusts and taxes for trustees and estates. Large firms deal with trusts and trustees on a regular basis, but come with enormous fees. We can offer that same experience, with a firm that you can actually trust and afford.

Tax Preparation

As with every different type of entity, there are a lot of steps to the process of filing your taxes for a trust. This can be an overwhelming tax, and we’ll help give you peace of mind through the whole process.

A trustee is required to file a tax return that lists all of the assets of the trust. These assets can include bank accounts, stocks, real estate, IRAs, pensions, annuities, etc. In some cases, the trust will pay any tax that is due at the end of the process. Every case is different, though. At the end of it all, you may still have to file an individual income tax return for the trust, as well.

Whether you’re a new or established trustee, Klingler CPA would love to help you, so please contact us for assistance or if you have any questions.